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Social Media Engagement Strategy: 5 Tips for Better Social Media Interactions

Social Media is not just a place but a strong medium of communication. For businesses, social media engagement strategy is all about with whom to deal and how to interact with them.

Social media is social media for a reason, as it is a platform for people to connect and socialize. It enables a continuous two-way conversation. Now the question is how to formulate a social media engagement strategy which increases the social media interactions between the business and potential customers/clients.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

The first step is to understand the followers.

It means to define who your target audience is, who you want to interact with, what they do, their demographics, their preferences, why they are following you, what you are providing them in terms of your knowledge and experience, and how you make them feel with your content.

All the above questions are basic requirements to create a social media strategy. By answering the questions for yourself, you can create the best possibilities for a conversation.

Once you decided who your actual target audience is, you must now focus on what is your aim of being on social media. You must have a clear objective as to what you would like to gain from being on a specific social media platform.

Is it about increasing sales? Or brand promotion? Or getting the reviews and feedback from the consumers? There must be a proper plan to achieve the desired set of goals.

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Also, choosing the social media platform is also an important part as there are different uses of different platforms.

Facebook can be used to show company’s culture and products as well as engagement with your audience.

Twitter can be used to share experience and knowledge, whereas Instagram can be used to promote branding with cool visuals and pictures.

So there are many options on many platforms, it is crucial to plan what can be used to achieve which business objective.

Now you know about your followers, have a clear goal to achieve and from which social media platform, it’s time to reach to your followers and convince them to interact with you.

Here are the 5 tips to boost your social media engagement.

  1. Regular Posting of Content

No matter what social media platform you choose to post on, if you are posting on a regulars basis without much time gap between the posts, you get more opportunities to promote your content to the users.

But it is going to take much more than just regular posting to convince users to interact with you on the platform.

  1. Using the Same Language as your Audience

Remember, we started with understanding the audience. By language, we don’t mean the regional languages but the way of communication.

To encourage people to comment and react on your posts, you need to use the same way of communication which they are most adapted to.

It may mean using more formal or informal language, posting more visual content like videos or gifs, or increasing the use of emojis in your content.


The easiest way to know how your audience communicates is to check other accounts, pages and groups where you are potential followers are present. See what language they are using to communicate and inculcate the same in your posts.

  1. Initiating the Interaction

Instead of waiting for your followers to reach to you, take the first step and reach out to them.

Generate content which gives them an opportunity to speak out. There are more chances that a user will interact with your post if he finds it to be interesting, engaging and shareable.

This should not be limited to your profile only. Expand your scope; find what they are saying about your brand and how they are reacting to your content.

Keep track of where you are tagged, where your hashtags are used, and where you are mentioned but untagged.

Talk to your potential followers, answer their questions on every opportunity you get, listen to their responses and feedback, and help them know you better.

Show them you are neither afraid to initiate a conversation nor afraid to join one.

  1. Keep Selling Secondary

It’s social media, not selling media. It’s basically to get social, selling is just an added perk that social media has to offer.

Social media provides a platform for direct communication with fans don’t misuse it to focus on selling. Nobody wants to hang out or interact with a salesperson.

Share your knowledge, keep them engaged and intrigued in your brand, provide them what they expect from you, keep them entertained, and maybe then you can try to sell or just pitch them that you have what they want.

  1. Keeping yourself updated

Social media platforms are not static by nature. They keep changing with the introduction of new updates every now and then.

To attract people to your social media handle, you need to be well aware of the platform and how it works.

It is not feasible to use every single new feature and changing the strategy every time a social media platform changes its algorithm.

Still, it is necessary to know what the updates are, how they are going to affect your engagement, and how you can make the most out of them.


There is a lot to gain by engaging with your audience. All you have to do is keep them a platform to talk and interact with you.

A good social media engagement strategy will not just help you in improving your product or service, but it will also provide a bunch of loyal followers who will stick with you for a very long time.

Guest Post By: Ashish Sharma Key Account Manager at WeDigTech – A Mobile App Development Company.

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