SEO Strategy 2018: Smart Ways to Improve Organic Traffic on your Website

Getting more of organic traffic on your website is a challenging task. But with correct SEO strategies, you can get the desired results.

Search engines are the best way to achieve organic traffic as it’s targeted and relevant. For many of the websites, organic traffic from search results gives more conversion than the traffic from social media or other sources. Moreover, the traffic from search engines is much more consistent.

All you have to do to increase organic traffic on your website is to follow the following simple steps:

  • Getting good Backlinks
  • Blogging as per user’s requirements
  • Guest Blogging on Reputed sites in your industry
  • Consistently creating Quality Content
  • Creating internal links
  • Encouraging readers to link to your website

So let’s get started to increase organic traffic on your website.

  1. Getting good Backlinks

Backlinks have been the essential element of SEO since many years now, and it will continue to play a major ranking factor for the coming years.

You can get the traffic from Google without many or with just a few links. But, without building or earning quality backlinks, it seems impossible to surpass the big-league sites in your industry.

It’s all about getting the good backlinks that are actually helping you with SEO and driving organic traffic on your site.

Important traits of a good backlink are:

  • Link from a relevant website in the same business industry
  • A contextual link is good for SEO and getting organic traffic
  • Links from a lengthy and descriptive article is more valuable
  • Organic traffic growth thrives on DoFollow backlinks only
  • The backlink must be created by an admin/editor, not automatically built
  • The link obtained must be from a trusted source with a renowned domain authority

Remember that not all backlinks are good, and it’s definitely not about getting the more links but the quality of links that you have.

  1. Blogging as per user’s requirements

If you are in online business, you must have received a lot of questions regarding your products or services from both your existing and potential clients.

Even if you have a content-driven website, people still have questions they need answers to. Replying to the queries via email or comments surely develops a good user engagement but a detailed article addressing all the problems, concerns, and doubts of your users is a better approach.

Reason being, people tend to search for the answers on Google and if your website appears in the top results with a solution to their problem, it would be a great way to generate targeted organic traffic.

  1. Guest Blogging on Reputed sites in your industry

One of the best ways to bring your website into notice is to blogging or posting on other popular websites from your tier.

Contributing on such websites will get you promoted in front of an established community and potentially get referred traffic, but most importantly it will also get you a positive backlink.

You have to be very selective while choosing the websites to write on, as guest blogging on low-quality websites may have a negative impact on your online reputation.

  1. Consistently creating Quality Content

Probably everywhere you read or anyone who has talked to about SEO or organic traffic, the common thing they mentioned is that ‘Content is King’. It’s true.

High-quality content will attract more backlinks, more social media shares and better user experience on your site.

However, just good content is not enough anymore. The articles or posts on your website must be unique, outstanding, and better than the competitors in your niche.

Never write and publish articles just for the sake of regularly updating your website. Instead, focus on generating quality content that stands out from the rest of the world.

Competition is ever growing; the only way to succeed is to perform better than your competitors by providing quality over quantity.

  1. Creating internal links

You can create your own backlinks by interlinking your existing articles or sales pages to the freshly written related content.

The internal linking system will help you build quality backlinks on your own website, which is not just helpful for SEO but will also keep your readers spend some more time on your site by going through the previously written related blogs or articles.

  1. Encouraging readers to link to your website

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, naturally earned backlinks will improve your SEO resulting in increased organic traffic.

Just like having social media sharing links, you can also have an embedded linking widget so that you can suggest to your readers to link back to your website.

The goal here is to increase the chances of getting more backlinks, without asking or forcing anyone to do so.


Acquiring the organic traffic along with proper SEO is a never-ending process. If you want to stand on top in the industry, you must never be satisfied with the traffic that you are getting and the well-doing of the search engine optimization. The hunger to become better and better is what drives you to the path of success.

Keep track of the organic traffic, whether weekly or monthly (as you won’t be getting immediate results), and analyze what gave what result and how you can get better with it in next week or month.

It takes time to attract backlinks and it is necessary to keep track of the backlinks that you receive and how good or bad they are for your website.

So, these are some of the important things you can to do to increase your website’s organic traffic.

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