SEO Strategies – What’s Hot – What’s Not

SEO – search engine optimization.

It is still alive.

Though it has certainly changed from the early days.

Search engines want to provide the highest quality work to their audience.  To that end organic marketing strategies that were meant to game the search engines don’t receive the same attention that they once did.

3 SEO Strategies That No Longer Work

Before getting into the juicy nuggets of knowledge you need in-order to achieve optimum SEO results, let’s look at 5 strategies that no longer work.

Massive Backlinks: Gone are the days when you could send out tons of backlinks and get amazing results at the top of search engines.  Up ahead we will look at what does work in this regard as backlinks are still important if they are done right.

Long Domain URL’s: There was a time when people could buy a long domain name and rank almost instantly for that keyword term even on Google. That isn’t the way it works anymore.  This doesn’t mean that long domain names have no place, because they do if they are done right.

Keyword Stuffing: In fact, not paying attention to keyword density is a better strategy.  However, if you choose to focus on this keep below a 1% density.  Ahead we will discuss what search engines are looking for instead.

3 Hot SEO Strategies That Do Work

Backlink Building: While the flood technique no longer works backlinks are still critical on the Web.  When people think of backlinks they generally think of site A pointing to site B as the definition.  Good news – they are right.  Bad news – there is more, much more to building backlinks.

Multimedia: Meme’s, Infographics, Videos and Live Streaming are all hot topics that are richly rewarded by the search engines.  People like viewing visual items on the web.  What’s more, they have a greater tendency to share these types of properties on their social media channels which improves your social footprint.

Quality Content: If you want your project to be loved by Google and other search engines then aim for quality over keyword manipulation. Today’s search engines are much smarter than they use to be.  Be niched to your audience.  Use LSI methods.  Above all provide your viewers with a rich rewarding experience and the search engines will show their love by the rankings you achieve and receive.

It’s Your Turn

What trends have you seen that are working for ranking on the search engines?

What isn’t?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Let’s help everyone grow in their knowledge and understanding of what’s hot in the SEO world today.

A Word About Building Backlinks

The backlink style referenced above is considered an external incoming backlink.  I do recommend building these.  I just don’t recommend the flood style in doing so.   Ways that I personally pursue include but are not limited to.

  • Posting on free classified add sites.
  • Social bookmarking & networking
  • Guest blogging on niche related sites

However, limiting your backlink building strategies to just external incoming links would be a mistake.  Two other very hot strategies I recommend would include:

Internal Backlinks

Who has more authority to speak on your point of view in a niche than you?  Building internal links from one page to another within your site is a powerful way of increasing links.  Do use targeted anchor texts within your efforts.  Don’t exact match that process.

What’s Out:  If you have a page that has the keyword target of “hiking trails” do not create a link from another page that includes only the words “hiking trails”.

What’s In:  Within this approach, longer is better.  So, if you have a sentence like: 10 great hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest.  Link the entire sentence, not just the two words by themselves.

Outgoing Backlinks

An outgoing backlink will lead people from your site to someone else’s site.

Why in the world would you want to pursue this strategy in your link building efforts?

Because Google comes to see you as an authority in the niche rather than just another Website.  Just be sure to link out to high quality niche oriented sites in your process of building these types of links.

A Word About Long Domain Names

You can still rank long domain names but it isn’t as easy as it once was.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t target a long domain name.  It can tell people exactly what you are about before they ever even get to your site.

Just be sure to bran yourself in the process.

Build corresponding social media and social bookmarking accounts with that long domain name.

Create graphics that include using that long domain name.

Promote that long domain name in every way possible both within and without your site.

Make your long domain name a brand and Google will play nicely.

A Word About Quality Content

Publishing content just to secure rankings turns off your audience and demotivates your audience.  If you don’t really have something to say on a topic, don’t say it.  However, one would wonder why you have chosen a given niche if you don’t have something to say.

For the past 20 years, I have lived and breathed online marketing.  I have seen many changes in the process.  I’ve also grown in my knowledge and understanding of the same.  By far, I don’t know everything there is to know about this field.  However, I know enough to write tons of books about online marketing which is exactly why I chose to pursue this topic instead of one that would be far less competitive.

You should be able to do the same within the niche that you pursue.

Be the authority that people look to for guidance.

In the process, deliver your content in ways that people appreciate.

Short paragraphs (generally 2 or 3 sentences).

Plenty of numbers and or bullet points.

Headings and sub-headings that make sense.

On the Internet people love to scan things.  Make the process easy for them and they will reward you by frequenting your site and its contents more and more.

Concluding Thoughts About Key SEO Strategies In 2018

It is still quite possible to secure the search engine rankings that you desire on the Web.  However, rather than the scatter gun approach to marketing, it is recommended that you are more structured and methodical in the process.

Give the search engines what they want and they will still reward you today.

Before we close, may I ask you what your own personal experience has been?

Have you used strategies listed above?

What has continued to work for you?

What hasn’t?

What would you add to the list of what’s hot or what’s not when it comes to SEO strategies today?

Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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