SEO Misconceptions

7 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Misconceptions About SEO

SEO or search engine optimization should never be the rationale for endorsing the digital marketing, because the SEO market has been facing the constant flux from the few years. With the evolution of the typical SEO algorithms and updates, the market or we can say the website owners are struggling hardly for the position on the search engine result page. Add in the niche of nuance that tends to besiege search rank and you have created an impeccable storm for misunderstanding and misattribution.

SEO is apparently the most misconstrue aspect of the online marketing. As per my views, probably there are two reasons for this. First, SEO is always emerging. And due to this, things are no longer that much effective as before or at some jiffy they will not work out. Second, there is a snowballing in the number of unqualified individuals attempting to do it. Sometimes, they make the candid blunders and some are doing it perfidiously just to make a quick buck. These two combinely can cause a multitude of misunderstandings that breed may misconceptions.

SEO is a trick or a way to “game” the search engines:

SEO is not a trick,  the black magic or the game to play. Actually, SEO is a strategy that uses the research to determine how potential customers are searching for products, services and information, and then uses that research to formulate a website’s content and structure highly relevant and credible to those searches.

Is SEO a hard stuff? Yes, it is. It requires the degree of specialized knowledge, expertise and experience. Is it a trick or an unscrupulous to manipulate search engines? No, it isn’t. If you want long term process.

SEO is dead:

No, SEO is not dead. A rumor has been called off a few days ago. If you are a website owner, stop employing the SEO campaign for your organization and you will see how rankings will go down. It’s better to continue your SEO campaign and you will surely acquire the best results. What makes the difference is the SEO is the part of a content marketing campaign.

Meta tags equal Google Gold:

Though, the meta tags have the significant role in the SEO campaign, however, Google itself has tried to set this straight by acknowledging that meta tags are no longer ranking factors.

Keyword stuffing is effective:

Focus on the content enriched with the keywords in the systematic mode. There is no magic formula, but overuse of your keywords will annoy your visitors. Key words are the lucrative components, but the stuffing is not pertinent.

 One and done:

SEO is not constrained within the walls. It is the boundless and never-ending campaign that requires equivalent and proper heed. Staying atop the rankings is a constant battle that never ends.

Links, Links, Links:

It is requisite and imperative to have other websites link to your website. Nevertheless, the quality trumps the quantity. Links from an authorized and ethical is far superior than the ample amount of links from the illegitimate source.

Only Google rankings matter:

Google isn’t the only search engine. Yet, Yahoo and Bing may not have the appeal that Goggle does, it doesn’t mean that they should be neglected. In fact, more people are using Bing, as its algorithm is less complex than Google.

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