How AI Is Completely Changing SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing : In 2017, according to the main report of Salesforce, marketers began to pay more attention to the phenomenon of artificial intelligence. 61% of specialists already use it for their work, and 80% of advanced, huge marketing companies use AI to personalize their advertising offers.

Indeed, personalization is one of the best achievements, with which artificial intelligence can help. Obviously there is nothing more effective than attracting customers through individual interaction with each of them. Personalization based on AI is now used in many industries, in e-commerce in particular (for example, Dillard’s, one of the largest American trading networks).

Below we will look at advantages that AI can provide for your business today. Let’s start!

 Extended client segmentation and analytics

The first way to properly use AI in marketing is to find new audience segments for better targeting. Data allows presenting separately each client, give the opportunity to make the most individual offer and arrange it to yourself. Then, on the basis of analytical knowledge, to unite clients into larger segments with their own personal experience.

How to segment?

 -Through advertising channels, contextual requests and points of interaction with the brand.

-Use detailed user data to better identify and orient micro-segments.

-By behaviour, by device type, clicks, location, even weather forecast.

Increase in conversion due to segmentation of users

Personalization with AI helps to increase the conversion, because it automatically allows you to offer the user the pages they are looking for. Let us consider in more detail what AI allows to do:

-Those segments of the audience are attracted, the price of which was previously high, because you are using more accurate targeting options.

-The personalized experience is transmitted in real time.

-Customer segmentation is used to create micro-groups of CA based on the behaviour, phases of the user’s presence on the site, intentions, geolocation and much more, all this information is obtained in real time.

-Instant changes in content and key performance indicators are monitored.

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Increase in sales due to recommendations

You can increase the user’s time on the site by offering them content and recommendations at critical “care points”. AI allows you to optimize this work,

Increase the number of conversions and the maximum purchase amount, showing similar, popular, related products and services. Data is based on browsing history, past and present user behaviour, and on hundreds of other factors that are simply hard to fit into one article.

-Use personalized recommendations for your mobile site, applications, and other channels.

-Create them based on your browsing history, user behaviour.

-Users can be offered promotional codes and discounts in real time

-Manage sales and customer confidence, using social evidence.

-Use “hybrid” recommendations, based on different channels to increase the average check.

-Collect e-mail.

-Return users via email if they saw that they left the abandoned cart or stopped at any stage of the conversion funnel.

Optimization of content and user actions

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can automatically test and optimize any content. It’s enough to set goals, run tests and choose the most effective options for optimization.

-Constant A / B testing allows you to find solutions to problems in real time for landings, applications, and other channels.

-Prognostic tests with AI help increase revenue and conversions.

-Continuous analysis that allows you to better understand users and meet their needs.

-Automation of the process helps to perform complex multivariate tests and highlight the most effective combinations of user groups.

-The incomes are growing, not just clicks.

Improving user interaction with landings

 To anticipate the desires of users is an impossible dream for many businessmen, but now with the help of artificial intelligence it has become a reality. Depending on the known user experience, you can offer demanded advertising, e-newsletter and much more.

-Use personalized messages, managed in real time, throughout the life cycle of the client.

-Use the received data on the behaviour of users to create attractive messages.

-Personalized messages can help improve conversions.

-Create advanced targeting rules for your audience and dynamically display custom promotions, marketing offers, and promotional codes.

-Catch visitors before refusing or leaving the site, and persuade them to stay (often using pop-up windows with the appropriate content).

Conclusion: personalized marketing increases your income.

The bottom line is that with the help of artificial intelligence you can competently personalize all aspects influencing the user experience. In any marketing channel, on any advertising platform, with any element of your lending (menu lines, pop-ups, CTA-buttons, and much more).

You can also customize dynamic layouts individually for narrow segments of the audience, constantly test and optimize them to improve the user experience. And what do you know about artificial intelligence? Do you use it? Tell me!

High conversions!

Author Bio: Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a Mobile App Development Company . He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

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  1. Now-a-days AI is helpful for every business vertical.

    As we know AI works on history based data.

    When it comes to marketing companies AI is very much helpful for them in promoting and advertising their brands, nurturing new leads, increasing sales of the products as well as it also very much helpful in SEO works.

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