Persuasion Architecture (In an digital marketing perspective)

This article comes to you as the second of the series of articles written by Chathura Wijekoon for the topic Professional Digital Marketingfor introducing the psychological aspects of digital marketing. It is important to state herein that the contents of the article may coincide with the traditional marketing approaches though this paper is about digital marketing, because most of the concepts and theories are still applicable in offline/ online marketing, affiliate marketing, tele- marketing and even in direct marketing field. Marketing is an umbrella term that is generally used throughout this document in the sense of “Digital Marketing”.
First and foremost, let me draw your attention to marketing messages. A marketing message is a notice passed through a channel to you convincing that some sort of goods or services are really worth for you if you pay for them. The first impression executes a big job in inducing someone for conversion that means turning the visitors to customers through the process of digital marketing. In general, completing a predefined goal of a website is called a “Conversion”. The goals may be registering visitors, subscribing them for newsletters etc. Most of the customers or even the existing subscribers are not interested in searching for the marketing messages in their mail inboxes. Instead they ignore the mails stating about the offers and promotions as well. In such a circumstance, how to tackle your target audience and persuade them to buy your product? In turn, the persuasion architecture comes into play.
The heading of a marketing message should be more attractive and it must add a value to the rest of the content. For instance, we can use a sample heading like “Waiting for your cat to bark?”. Such a topic makes you laugh and convince that there is something strange in the content. So, you may probably have a look due to your curiosity. In such a manner the marketer creeps into the visitor’s mind quickly and furtively through the channels like the web and emails. The persuasion architecture of the business build on a strong foundation that provides the facility to help the prospect “buy better”. If the marketing professionals tend to provide a better service to the visitors by helping them to understand the necessity of the product going to be sold, the customers will satisfy their desires. In return, you will achieve your target. Thus the persuasion architecture has become the most important reinforcement for conversion. Conversion is one of the main topics discussed in the sphere of digital marketing and hence my next article in the series will be based on the topic “Conversion and Its Effects on Digital Marketing”.
Have you ever noticed that there is a strong and mutual relationship between SEO and Persuasion architecture (Conversion Rate Optimisation)?
The “Conversion” can be identified as the one that glues the SEO and the persuasion architecture together. The conversion rate of a website is the intersection of both the SEO efforts and the persuasion architectural improvement. In the web design industry, there are still no dedicated career positions as “Persuasion Architect”. Because yet, this field has no such a demand. But most of the top companies in the world, hire the qualified digital marketing consultants who are knowledgeable on the guidelines to be followed in a web design project in order to meet the persuasion architectural achievements to drive the website towards the conversions effectively.
Persuasion Architecture is not new to digital marketing
In an brick-and-motor retailing business, we can see many products or items are kept in shelves for selling. The items are arranged in such a manner that allows to be appear to the customer at a glance. Then the customers walk around the racks and shelves to collect what they want. The packets, covers, labels and boxes which hold the products, are also in different colourful designs and different sizes. This is the base concept of persuasion architecture in the traditional retail-shops or super markets.
Persuasive Elements of a Web Page
There are many persuasive elements that can be used to build the structure of a website that convert the visitors to customers. A list of such items are given below.
Call-to-action buttons User friendly textual contents FAQs
Compelling video clips Testimonials
Use of painkiller words for headings Infographics
The theories of the subject “Human Computer Interaction” describe the applicable pragmatic structures on which a website is structured. Usability engineering heuristics are also highly considered in such a design. Even though the locations where the pervasive elements are placed, are varied from one design to another, there are some common factors in placing the elements of a webpage. For example, the logo is placed in the top left corner on the screen in many design work. The logo is kept as a link from the inner pages to the landing page. We will discuss about these common factors later.
Optimum Practices for Implementing Persuasive Architecture
In an engineering perspective, there are no best practices in IT, instead we have optimum practices because of the validity of best practices may be questionable in different kind of practical scenarios. A list of practices are given below to use for the development of a website with the above mentioned architecture.
Reducing/ avoiding pop ups
Avoiding from overstuffing of keywords Addressing the customer’s native language Tracking the visitor’s behaviour
Presenting clear-cut definitions in a friendly language style
Persuasion Architecture of a website convinces the first-time visitors to pay a visit for the next time as well. Implementation of a proper feedback system is the foundation for the development of such an architecture for an existing website. Thereby, the designers can easily understand what the visitors expect and their level of technical capabilities and so on. Most probably, the non-technical visitors do not tend to play hide-and-seek with a web application as they needs to accomplish their task immediately and get out of the app. Therefore, they do not spend much time to get what they want done.
Author Bio
Chathura Wijekoon is a professional digital marketing consultant who contributes to one of the Australian mobile app development companies called “Elegant Media (PTE) Ltd.” in Melbourne where he runs Dream Jobs that is the largest recruitment platform which offers many job opportunities to Sri Lankan job seekers as well as for the foreign candidates. Chathura was offered the MBCS (Member of British Computer Society) title as his first professional qualification in IT, from the Chartered Institute for IT, formally known as the British Computer Society that is the largest network of IT professionals in the world. He is a young professional member of the IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers that is the world’s largest professional network. In addition to his career, he writes for blogs to share his knowledge and experience in the fields of web engineering and search engine optimisation. He delivers lectures on Computer Services Management, UX Engineering, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) to many university students and trainees. He is one of the co-founders of KETHA Center for Web Engineering Studies – the first Sri Lankan Web Engineering Professionals’ Organisation.

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