SEO Misconceptions

7 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Misconceptions About SEO SEO or search engine optimization should never be the rationale for endorsing the digital marketing, because the SEO market has been facing the constant flux from the few years. With the evolution of the typical SEO algorithms and updates, the market or we can say the website owners are struggling hardly for the position on the search…

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women freelancers

Why companies should necessarily hire more Women freelancers in 2018

Hire Women Freelancers: 2018 is almost half. And how we all the love the idea of starting fresh and new and look forward to things to come with anticipation. Similarly, the global freelancing trend is upbeat, with freelancing and part time work opportunities becoming more easily doable, rewarding and accessible with sites such as, sharp freelancer, UpWork finding a strong and…

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People Follow Brands on Social Media

Content Marketing Facts: 5 Reasons Why People Follow Brands on Social Media

The social media users have found a new kind of posts in their feeds in recent years and it’s from brands, which advertise, entertains and capture the user’s brand loyalty along with their purchasing power. Brands have realized that social media provide them a lot of opportunities to market their products or services directly in their potential customer’s feeds. According…

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What Is Machine Learning as It Relates to SEO?

Machine Learning is a known concept now in the IT industry. There are many fields in which Machine Learning is currently used but how it will impact the way SEO is done at present? That’s the question we need answer to. Before we go into what will change in future of SEO with the implications of machine learning, let’s just…

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5 Types Of SEO Specialists

Consistency and patience are the key to success of the SEO campaign. SEO or search engine optimization is the one of the optimum strategies in this cut-throat ambiance to allure the targeted, quality and relevant traffic towards the website and convert it into the leads or sales. SEO era has been transformed to a larger extent. The traditional SEO methods…

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How to Find a Good SEO Company

“It’s easier to BE more real than to FAKE being real.” SEO or search engine optimization is a big wallop of the digital marketing in vogue. In fact, SEO has become an integral chunk of the web application development. A website has built and then to make it cognizant throughout the world, employing SEO techniques is the necessitate element. It…

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SEO is a fragment of the abstract concept, yet its outcomes are realistic. In the present content-smogged ambiance, SEO and digital marketing play the pivotal role for the survival of a website. E-commerce or electronic commerce, being a significant stratum on the online planet, has become the valuable and indispensable part of the market today. We can say, without internet,…

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How to Optimize your Website with App-Related Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a crucial part of any website’s marketing strategy. Keywords play an important role in getting your website to rank on search engines. Gone are the days when people used to play with keywords to get a good ranking on Google. These days, context is more important than keywords. Still, when it comes to measuring…

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Social media and SEO are entwined archetypes. Social media websites, today, have mostly 80-90% traffic howling at them. From Facebook to LinkedIn, each website has its own responsive users in maximum ratio. From 2011 onwards, social media marketing is the efficient way to build your site’s rank and authority in Google. In fact, in the present internet era, people link…

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