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Top 18 Online Freelance Marketplaces in 2019

Are you looking for work opportunities?. The easiest to think of is finding work online. But do these online freelance marketplace sites really have something magical for you? 

The online Freelance marketplace is an online hub now, for experts as well as freshmen to find work. These online platforms have given earning source and experience to many jobless talents. 

However, every platform has its pro and cons, Same is with the online marketplace. If not careful, you will end up wasting time, efforts and worst money on the platform. 

So we have summed up a list of the top marketplace so you can weed out the unsuitable and focus on the reliable.

Online freelance marketplaces to get started with online jobs  

These marketplace websites have work opportunities to every service provider, whether you are in writing, marketing, editing, graphic designer,programmer.a developer or an IT nerd, there are numerous opportunities, you just need to find them.


Fiverr is one of the alternatives to find Freelancer work, founded by two entrepreneurs from Israel Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. 

They came up with an impressive concept of creating a marketplace, Were people from all over the globe freelance for $5 bucks. Hence, the cool nickname Fiverr!

Fiverr tops the list, as it provides any service in just $5, whether you are a newbie or an expert Fiverr has something for you. It’s a great way to get a start and build your portfolio.

Unique features : 

Secure and Private Communication Channels. Privacy and security are of utmost importance for Fiverr. Along with protecting the privacy of users, Fiverr used the secure messaging system within the marketplace. 

Secure Personal Data: With Fiverr in use, you do not need to fear any unauthorized access to your personal data, as Fiverr keeps it safe and secure. Fiverr use to data is limited to screen freelancer skills to buyers.  

2. Upwork

Upwork is the largest freelance service marketplace to date. It is a cloud-deployed online platform, ideal for freelancers to market their services.

On upwork, you can hire a developer or you can work as a developer in various things. All you gotta do is simply register and get started. Upwork has an easy payment method to freelancers and agencies across 170 countries globally. With its upwork payment protection, you will only pay for work you authorize.

3. Freelancer is one of the best freelancing websites on the platform, It has a very friendly user interface that allows you to post any type of project.

Freelancer offers from small jobs to large jobs or anything in between as depends on your skills and requirement  At has an easy bidding strategy with easy hourly pay. because of its simple tracking process, you can simply track all your work progress very easily. connects with over 36,189,018 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories.

4. Twine 

Twine is another amazing freelancer website with high-quality freelancers.

Twine provides a variety of services like graphic design, digital marketing, video and animation, music business and startups, etc over 150 types of services

Twine freelancers have worked with big companies like coca-cola, Disney, MTV,  Twine matches the best quality freelancers for your job.

5. Hubstaff talent

Hubstaff talent is a freelance platform to hire world best remote talent whether you are a web developer or a content writer hub staff has A perfect opportunity for you. The best thing about hub staff that it is completely free with no middleman, no fees, no markup. You can simply post a job or register to do a project easily. You can easily browse agencies and freelancers and get your work done with an awesome team.

6. Credo  

Credo is an online freelance market place for digital marketing dedicatedly

You can simply hire the best SEO PPC digital marketers for your job you can simply contact credo and hire to accomplish your goal.

You can meet the best digital marketers for your project on credo,

7. Legiit 

Legiit is another freelance site with many fields like programming,  design, marketing SEO, writing. Legiit has its own product control and it is a quality platform to get your work done easily. On legiit you can become a seller or you can hire a legiit Freelancer easily.

8. Freeup

Freeup is a freelance site that can help you grow your business you can apply as a freelancer or you can hire as per your need.

Freeup helps many businesses to hire the best talent for their work as a freelancer you can work as a business e-commerce web design need. content creation and many more.

Its main features are that it has an amazing virtual assistant and customer support. You can get immediate access to do your work as quickly as possible.

9. People per hour

People per hour is trusted by small business globally it can handle any kind of project whether you are a freelancer or you want your work to be done.

You can simply post a project and discover incredible freelancers online or you can register and work as a freelancer based on your skills. it is an exciting way to grow your business online.

10. Crossover

Crossover is another freelance work from home site that pays on an hourly basis .crossover is known for its team making skills.

All jobs and pricing are posted on the site you can choose a project based on your skill and requirement Crossover has worked with many known companies like Aurea, Ignite, Upland and many more.

11.  Outsourcely

The best thing I liked about Outsourcely is that you can hire and pay remote workers directly. It has an impressive remote system to communicate between workers and startups.

You can instantly chat live video or directly email to the remote workers online startups.e by this same system they hire freelancer based on their skills.

 12. Guru

Guru is one of the best freelance market place present today. guru has over 3 million professional services to get your job done.

It has many payment systems like pay by the hour, pay by task, you can simply post a job on guru, Guru has safepay to get your payment securely.

Freelancers can see when a job is funded. You can get started by simply signing up and post your job for free.

13. Witmart

Witmart is a freelance service provider. It provides different types of services like crowdsourcing services, intellectual property services it is best known for its logo and web design services here also you can simply post a job and see. It has a secure payment system and also provides international IP services,

14. Twago

Twago is not just another freelance site it has an excellent user-friendly experience where you can post your project for free. 

Thousands of freelancers and agencies review your project before accepting it.

To professionally work with twago you need to build an impressive profile so that the users gain more trust in you.

You can submit your quotes and get paid you can review compare and select.  It has safe pay so all your payments and completely secure.

15. Advisable 

Advisable has a very simple layout with the same drill you can hire you can work. 

It assures quality work for its users another feature for this website is that its freelancers are vetted screened so you know who you are dealing with.

it provides many types of different services like web design, digital marketing, SEO, content writing and many more.

16. Workhoppers    

Workhoppers is one of the upwork competitors in the freelance market.

picked Its main specialty is that you can hire local freelancers with no commission And it is smart quick and can work directly with your clients. work shoppers do not get involved in payment 

All jobs are hand-picked and vetted .another feature is that you will get an automatic message when jobs fit your profile.

17. Cloudpeeps

Cloudpeeps is trusted by 20,000 customers over 150 countries you can build your dream team here it has a variety of services to provide,

You can simply post your project and peeps will let you know if it is a match connect and hire peeps to get started.

Peeps have worked with big companies like Airbnb, Loreal, Zappos, Lyft  So cloud peeps is a good place to hire freelance work online,

18.  Onsite

Onsite is a freelance website that offers handpicked talent for you it also doesn’t believe in commission or contracts.

Onsite believes in quality over quantity it has instant search direct messaging features. You can simply register and start working.

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