Social media and SEO are entwined archetypes. Social media websites, today, have mostly 80-90% traffic howling at them. From Facebook to LinkedIn, each website has its own responsive users in maximum ratio. From 2011 onwards, social media marketing is the efficient way to build your site’s rank and authority in Google. In fact, in the present internet era, people link with each other via social media networking websites, as it is the most worthwhile approach for the brand awareness and promotion and therefore enhance the number of eyeballs.  Many SEO techniques help you thrive in the social media jungle. You can improve your SEO drastically using such channels like LinkedIn and SlideShare.

Way to boost SEO with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is currently the world’s largest eminent professional networking site with 467 million members. The humans when discuss about the social networking sites, they enclose themselves in the Twitter and Facebook pond. Usually, they and more overlook LinkedIn. But, the truth is that LinkedIn evolves as a boon for the small business owners seeking for building the work relationship in this work alcoholic era.

  • The very first step is to identify the targeted keywords and phrases. However, avoid keyword stuffing in search engine and don’t make it unnatural. Have someone proofread the final content to make sure it will read well and prolific.
  • Secondly, include target SEO keywords in your updates as well.
  • Further, optimization of LinkedIn showcases pages that incorporate your target keywords proves as a lucrative element. They are the extension of your company page and highlight your brand and product lines. As with the company webpages, LinkedIn members can follow your showcase pages and you can share updates to them. Also, include a description in the showcase page.
  • Now, the question does arise-Why people will follow your showcase page? Showcase pages have gained a lot of magnetization. Therefore, LinkedIn keeps them along with it forever.
  • An alternative approach is the optimization of posts in LinkedIn groups. Finding more and more groups works in your favor because Google indexes and displaces the group discussions in search engine pages. Including your target SEO keywords in the title and description fields of the group posting always augments your online visibility.
  • Get extra mileage by participating in the conversation. Google loves social media post engagement.

Way to boost SEO with SlideShare

–innovative avenue for marketing campaign:

Though, humans know about this marketing website in terms of prominent and largest presentation sharing tool, but it is more than that. SlideShare is the new path in the field of social marketing. In the sync with the latest technology, it’s purely mobile compatible. Its content is specifically optimized for viewing easily and more clearly on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Google loves organic results and SlideShare caters it to Google very frequently.


  • Create the SlideShare profile and aftermath completing it, incorporate it into your website. Whilst optimizing your content for search engine, remember that humans are the ones who read it very vigilantly.
  • Link your other social media profiles on SlideShare and make it easy for search engines to make a connection with your digital assets. Include target SEO keywords in the title of your SlideShare deck. Remember, title and content including high quality backlinks are the most significant ranking signals in Google algorithms. Take advantage of it.

Treat your LinkedIn and SlideShare links in your websites and endeavor to grab as many backlinks as possible pointing to your accounts. This approach works wonders.

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