Title tag represents the web page name that becomes visible in Google and in your browser. Title tag appears in browser at title bar and browser tabs as well as title appears at page’s title tag in Google. Title tag appears as page title when someone add page to their favorite or when someone share page through social media platform. Title tag is most essential thing when you want to do something on Google. It becomes tough for you if avoid the title tag.

Clues for a Good SEO Title

Do not take more than 66 characters to build title Search engine shows limited characters of title tag. Google will show only first 66 characters then it adds ellipsis (…). So take use of 66 characters not much to make professional your title tag. Short titles are simpler to read and understand as well than long titles. Google put more preference to each word if your title consists less words. It becomes simple for keyword to score good if title tag keeps 4 words instead of 8 words.

Must ensure about your title tag that explains apparently your page- Title tag must include the keywords that you intend to score with. Make ensure yourself that Keyword must appear on the page. One thing keep in mind, use only those keywords which are mostly used by your visitors. Avoid using those keywords which are usually not used by your visitors.

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Look for what you want to have by your page- You must be ensure that content and title tag of the page must meet to the requirements of your visitors.

Put your keyword at first- Google pay more attention to first word of title than the last word. The report of Jakob Nielsen represents first 11 characters decides that visitor will consistently read or not.

Brand name should be mentioned- Though, it is not very essential to put your companies or brands name on title tag but if you have big or leading organization then you must include your brand name to keep it on access of your visitors. Keep your brand name at first on homepage else put it at last. You may start the title tag with brand name.

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Separate the brand name from page title- It will be better to separate the brand name through “|” or “–” from page title.

Use attractive title tags to write- You likely to score best on Google if you use full of keywords in your title tag but it seems less attractive and reduce chances of your visitors’ access. Visitors do not like to click on less attractive title tags. Title tag is like introduction for your brand as majority considers. So make your first impression best. Title tag appears on the list of search result with others. It is suggested to use most attractive keywords that assists you a lot to get huge traffic on your website.

Title tag must be unique for all your pages- Your each web page must have unique title tag. Do not take same title tag for your all pages. You must decide about page that what it explains. How can Google know if you do not know what to explain on each of your page.

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