How to Spy on Facebook Messenger with TheOneSpy

Are you anxious about the social media activities of your younger children? Are you suspicious that your kid is being bullied by an online harasser? You can set all your worries to rest by supervising the social media activities of children. TheOneSpyparental control and mobile phone monitoring app allows parents to keep track of online and offline activities of their teens and tweens. The app is particularly developed to facilitate parents in safeguarding their kids from the potential dangers of the cyber and real world. This article discusses how this app helps in spying on Facebook messenger to protect kids from the menaces of this popular social networking app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social networking platform that has billions of active users across the world. It allows users to post and share text, photos, videos, links, events, liking and stuff of their choice. It provides gateway to connect with people around the world without any discrimination of age, region, color, race, religion, language, gender or any other category. The perks of this socializing network are undeniable. However, it also possesses several risks for both minors and adults. The unsupervised use of Facebook can expose your kids to several dangers such as cyberbullying, online child predation and scamming among others.      

Dark Side of Popular Social Networking App

The popularity of Facebook has attracted scoundrels and scammers to use the platform to access and victimize the target. This platform provides safe haven to predators, bullies and scammers by keeping their identities hidden. Given are the most common dangers of Facebook and Facebook messenger.


Have you ever found a humiliating comment on your kid’s Facebook post? The bullies consider Facebook the most convenient platform for bullying as it allows sending threatening messages, making offending posts and embarrassing comments. Your kids are more likely to become victim of consistent online harassment on Facebook.

Child Predation

The online predators collect information about the victim through Facebook. This information may contain target’s interests, likings, habits, activities and contact details. The child molesters misuse the data to trap the target for sexual exploitation. The messenger enables the predators to make video calls and share sexually explicit stuff with the target.       

Facebook Spy Software

The most effective way to secure your loved ones from the dangers of the social media is monitoring. The monitoring of digital devices like mobile phones and computers enables parents to stay updated about the online and offline activities of teens and tweens. TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring software enables parents to supervise kids’ activities on Facebook and many commonly used social networking apps. The Facebook Spy Software of TheOneSpy keeps you informed of your kid’s Facebook posts, messages, photos, videos, friend-list, follower-list and more.

Once you install the Facebook tracker app on your kid’s smartphone, you can keep an eye on every activity performed on the social media app. It accesses data relevant to the Facebook messenger and uploads to the online portal of TOS. You can retrieve the data anytime by logging into the web portal or by running TOS navigator app on your phone.

Track Facebook Messages

The cell phone tracker app gets access to incoming and outgoing one-on-one and group chats. Parents can read their kids’ online conversations without accessing their phones and right from the TOS web portal or navigator app.

Track Facebook Calls

The social messenger offers audio and video calling to individuals and groups. You can keep track of your kids’ online calls by getting access to call logs of Facebook messenger. It provides detail of every call made and received via social messenger.

Record Facebook Activities

The mobile phone parental control app lets you witness and record every Facebook activity of your concerned ones. You can send command to your kid’s phone to start screen recording to capture every social media activity. You can also set the app to start automatic screen recording whenever your kids use Facebook messenger on their phone.

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