Facebook Marketing Benefits for E-Commerce and Brand Awareness of B2C and B2B Companies

Facebook Marketing Benefits

No matter what kind of business you are in, the first and foremost thing is to reach to the maximum audience in order to create brand awareness and user engagement. And what is better than the social media, especially Facebook, where there are millions of people from all over the world.

Facebook started as a social media networking platform to help people connect with other people from all around the world. But over the time, it has emerged as the emerging platform for promotion and marketing of the businesses.

Let’s take a look at the benefits; Facebook Marketing can help your business to achieve.

Benefits to e-Commerce Business

  • Massive Reach – Around 900 million users log on to Facebook every day. Think of the massive amount of population you can reach to if you have a strong social media presence.
  • A sense of Community – A Facebook page or a group acts as a community to create brand awareness. User interaction cannot get easier than this.
  • Easy advertising – It is a common practice to target keywords for getting a strong presence in the digital world. However, with Facebook, you can target people if you are well aware of the demographic you are targeting at.
    Also, on Facebook, you do not have to create separate ads as your existing post and content turn into the ads. Isn’t it brilliant?
  • Building connections – Facebook makes it easy to connect with other brands and industry influencers by sharing their content and tagging them in your posts. It brings the recognition for a healthy strong media persona.
  • Facebook Store – Facebook will not only help you in getting the traffic, but it can also act as another platform from where you can sell directly. Imagine reaching to the wide range of customers you can reach to if you have a Facebook Store.

    Moreover, it can directly integrate with your online store, which makes it easy to track the changes in inventory. Isn’t it a great channel for sales marketing?

Benefits to B2C and B2B Business

  • Direct Interaction with Potential Clients – Facebook lets a business directly interact with the users via pages, groups or ads.

    As a business, you can build a strong personal engagement with the customers if you can keep them engaged with questions, conversations, and appreciate them from time to time.

    A business page or a group can be used to promote activities and create discussion threads for the users.

  • Low Marketing Cost – Facebook pages are free to create and manage as compared to the cost of developing, hosting and maintaining a website. A Facebook page lets you display all the information about your business and products at literally no cost.

    Even Facebook ads are quite budget-friendly. You can reach to your target audience based on the demographic attributes that Facebook collects for all its users.

    Also, there are different bases by which Facebook charges for the ads, so it depends on your requirements and you can choose the suitable plan.

  • Targeting Potential Customers – Facebook collects the demographics and interest of all its users. Facebook ads use this data to target potential customers.

    For instance, if your target audience is young entrepreneurs, you could choose demographics of age below 30 or 35, with interest in “business” and “entrepreneurship”.

    If you are marketing ladies clothing, you can target women aged between 20-45, with interest in “online shopping” and “fashion”.

    Facebook also lets you refine your targets by narrowing the target area to your local area only.

  • Creating Brand Loyalty – Facebook facilitates quick interaction between customers and businesses. When a customer notices that you are pretty responsive to the queries, it promotes brand loyalty.

    Also with the user engagement features of likes, comments, and shares, Facebook let you build a strong connection with the potential customers.

  • Increasing Web traffic – With suitable and relevant links provided on your Facebook page, users are more likely to reach to your website as it will be a voluntary action by them.

    On your website, a visitor can get more information about the product/service you are offering and you can adopt a direct marketing approach by providing them with a call to action button or seeking information.

    Any activity on your page will be shown to the users who have liked your page as well as their friends either in the news feed or notification, making Facebook a platform for bigger reach.

    When you provide a link to your website, Facebook also displays a thumbnail image of your logo or the landing page, which intrigues a user to click on the link.

  • Facebook Insights and Competitor Information – Facebook Insights provide you a lot of useful information about your Facebook pages such as the number of page likes, total reach of your posts, user’s engagement with the post, and the post’s performance.

    On the other hand, Facebook Adverts Manager enables tracking of various performance metrics such as impressions (number of times ad was shown), reach (number of people who saw the ad) and frequency (number of times visitors go through the ad).

    All such information is easily available on Facebook which can help you formulate marketing strategies.


Facebook Marketing let your business enjoy a worldwide reach with the minimal cost involved. It is a free platform for the businesses to interact with the user and convert them into the loyal customers.

Facebook ads allow you to reach to your target audience based on the specific demographics and interest areas, that too in a far less cost than Google AdWords.

Whatever be the size and type of your business, having a strong Facebook presence will not only increase your web traffic but will also help you create brand awareness among the huge number of Facebook users.

About The Author:

Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a Mobile App Development Company . He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

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