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Essential SEO Elements that Dominate the Google Search Rankings!

Search Engine Optimization, the acronym for SEO, is the perfect tool that will ignite your website’s popularity on the online platform. Getting chunks of organic traffic to your website is what an SEO is all about. This justifies the need to hire SEO expert who knows the ins and outs of the search engine rankings and accordingly takes steps to bring about a noticeable difference in the organic traffic. There are many factors that contribute to the search engine rankings, but today let me brief you about a few basic SEO elements that need to be attended to in order to attract the Google crawlers and get your website noticed.

Important SEO elements that contribute to the website’s Search Engine Ranking

Getting your website’s presence felt on the online platform is yet another important mode to get all your business sanctity noticeable and an SEO is the perfect tool to highlight the prominence. Below mentioned are the important factors affecting your Search Engine rankings.

1. The website’s reachability

Creating a website should not be the ultimate goal, make efforts to publicize it so that you get the desired amount of traffic. Let your website be smooth and efficient enough to give way to the Google crawlers. If your website does not encourage the crawlability factor then you might end up losing on the Search Engine rankings.

2. The Mobile-friendly nature

The explosion of smartphones in the tech-savvy world has accentuated the need for a mobile responsive website. Google has a negative support for websites that are not mobile-friendly. Hence make sure that your website responds to the devices in which it is being accessed as this quality is very well accepted by the Google crawlers.

3. The site’s promptness

The performance of the website is yet another important dimension that should be of utmost importance. Does your website upload quickly without making the audience wait for centuries(not literally)? Get a genuine answer to this question and accordingly make the necessary changes to improve your website’s performance. Apart from aesthetics, the performance of a website is also taken into consideration by Google.

4. The right links

Links play an important role in navigating the users from one page to the other relevant pages. Now, you can add internal links as well as external links according to the requirements. Give importance to the authenticity of the links so that they do not cast a shadow on the website’s reputation. Also, make sure to identify and discard all the broken links that would be affecting your website’s search engine ranking.

5. The right ‘Keywords’

Striking a relevant chord with the right keyword is yet another important criteria that will bring in the right amount of praise and recognition to your website. Keywords are the words that the common people are using on a majority basis to find the required content on the world wide web. Keywords have to be contemplated because it is necessary to know what people are searching on a majority basis so that you can link in with their search queries and accordingly produce relevant contents.

6. The content quality

Content is the language that you use to communicate with your users. Hence make it legible, unique and engaging in nature. Also, give importance to both the factors – quality as well as quantity when it comes to writing and publishing content for the website. A case study shows that Content matters a lot when it comes to brand keywords, yet, not as much as it matters when it comes to other types of keywords.

7. An equitable image

Images too play an important role in making your website’s presence felt on the online platform. What you need to do is give an apt description for all your images so that it becomes easy for the Google crawlers to identify your existence and get your website ranked.

8. The authenticity of the HTML codes

A website is incomplete without the HTML codes. Hence when you are doing the coding process, ensure that all the HTML codes are validated by W3C. When the codes are clear, you get easily recognized by the Google crawlers making your presence felt on the online platform. Use the W3C validator to assess the authenticity of your website.

9. The Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is the number of audiences who immediately jump to the search results with just a few seconds spending on the site. Google does not encourage such kind of activity. Take steps to calculate your bounce rates and accordingly make improvement in your website’s performance.

Final Note

Above-mentioned are some of the basic elements that constitute to just a fraction of the total number of factors affecting the search results. Fabricating a website and leaving it to fate will never bring in the desired amount of attention and publicity. One needs to make efforts to publicize the online business that you have opened to rake in the right amount of attention. There are many methods where you can get your website noticed and one among them is to hire SEO expert and give the responsibility of your website’s popularity to the concerned expert.

Author Bio.:-  Priya is a Technical SEO at : Digital Marketing Company.  She has 3 years of experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.

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