10 Creative Instagram ads Ideas for 2018

Instagram continues the world expansion, if you are not using it for brand promotion you are losing almost 300 million daily active users of Instagram stories that could see and buy your product. If you don’t want this to happen, read this article dedicated to the creative ways you can promote your brand.

Instagram is the most visual social network, but how to use this and make it as your undeniable advantage? Here are 10 ideas you can use to make it possible:

Creative Instagram ads Ideas

  1. Show Your Brand Lifestyle

 What will help your client to understand you, your brand and the product better than a visual representation? The question is rhetorical.

People like engaging with cool companies, and there’s no better platform than Instagram – the house of classy promotions and stylish people.

Featuring your brand complete identity, personality and character is the best options to talk about you, but in an interesting entertaining way. Be original in this matter; choose a suitable background, combined with the brand of the product. The brightest example is a Hootsuite Instagram campaign.

  1. Connect you content with what is already in your TA mind

 Well social media marketers will tell you the truth that connecting your promotional content with the current events or trends is like trying enter the train that’s already moving. It’s risky, but if it will work out one post can bring your brand to the top.

Try to develop your content taking into account holidays, cultural/political events, birthdays and everything what can be interesting for your customers.

I would suggest thinking twice on your promotion with this technology. Why? Well let’s recall the latest tweet of Cinnabon on Carrie Fisher death. In general the idea wasn’t so bad, but the audience was furious.

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  1. Production process

 A photo of the direct production process is a great way to win the customer’s attention. People are curious they want to know everything about their favourite product.

Use this to showcase your business and satisfy the needs of your clients. Take a look at this example. Nothing special you may say, but take a look one more time.

  1. Old photos

 Do not hesitate to show your customers where you started. Instagram users are craving to know about the past of your brand, they way you came to the current state of affairs. Don’t be shy to give them what they want.

  1. Infographic is also a way

 A little statistics will not hurt anyone, especially if it is framed in the form of infographic. It allows you to visualize and simplify complex-structured information or data important for your business. Almost always they get a lot of likes and shares and therefore are an indispensable tool for your promotion.

  1. Show your office and employees

 Show customers that your company is not the army of chatbots that are going to conquer the world. Show them your real employees, the places they are sitting, the environment. Don’t think it’s too much it’s just the opposite. Your customers want to see real you. Do your best and build the trust.

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  1. Don’t forget to take your customers with you

Some event is on your mind? Sponsoring some new projects? Don’t hesitate to tell this to you followers and share the preparation pictures. Well it will help you to help them understand you better, to feel your values and observe the aims. Don’t miss the chance for brand expansion.

  1. Unique publications for Instagram users only

 Everyone wants to feel unique, so give your subscribers this opportunity. Even if you have either a website, or a blog, or pages in a social network, do not forget to please users of Instagram with an exclusive content.


  1. Video

 Instagram allows you to publish not only photos, but also short videos. The restriction on the duration is 15 seconds, but is it more than necessary to interest the subscriber?

For example, use video to arrange a giveaway dedicated to the approaching holiday. Just like the Coca – Cola did it for Thanksgiving. Just look at the amount of views. Quite impressive.

  1. Give followers what they want

 There is a so-called “80/20 rule” that states only 20% of publications should be devoted exclusively to advertising. If you are continuously pitching the products using aggressive marketing, you will get arrogant and irritated followers.

Share some positivity, inspiration using uplifting images. For example, you can successfully use motivational quotes that are relevant to your mission and vision. It will increase the interaction and build the loyalty.

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Users of social networks like to share their photos. So why not to use this feature for your business? Arrange a contest for the best photo of your product. Allow them to upload their pictures and tag you by putting particular branded #hashtag. Get lovely pictures and an ideal tool for organic promotion.

This is all for today, try to make your social media account outstanding. Post only relevant content that will make your followers happy and excited. That is the main secret of Social Media Advertisement.

Guest Post By: Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech

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