How to Increase Your Visitors by Content Rewriting

“The main thing I try to do is write as clearly as I can. I rewrite a good deal to make it clear.” — E.B. White

Writing is all about rewriting, which means you have got to get something down. Writing and rewriting are the two parameters of a single coin. Actually, writing is an art that requires skills and artistic acquaintance. Though, in some instances, writing seems easy, but, you will better understand its essence when you will actually dive into the writing. The best thing is that you don’t require any specific training for this art. Besides, rewriting is the correlated imperative step.

Content Rewriting

“Words are the key to the heart”– an old Chinese proverb and it actually proves to be true corresponding to the prevailing market conditions. The popularity of the content is kept on increasing in all the fields along with the digital marketing. You must have heard- “Content is King” but with the advent of the new and groundbreaking SEO techniques, the content has been transformed into a big kingdom. From the search engine positioning to your customer loyalty, it is your website that determines your effectiveness. And, eventually, more the content on your website is unique, higher the rank you will acquire in search engines.

Definition of Content Rewriting:

The Content Rewriting is a practice that requires the skill and practice whereby a writer takes the general ideas and context of an original content and writes it a new authentic way, utilizing one’s words and syntax.

Content or article rewriting is indeed one of the most sought after skills in the digital world today. Content rewriting is nothing more to read the content, understand it, extract the ideas and perceptions and rewrite it into your own words. The rewritten content has the same connotation and it is something different from the original content and might have the traces of your own opinions.

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Why Article Re-writing:

The article rewriting is an artistic skill that has a great virtue. There are many rationales behind its evolution, like:

  • Marketing
  • SEO value
  • Sometimes, it proves worthier
  • Acquire the fresh content

 Basic Content Rewriting Process

If the content rewriting is an art, then there must be some procedure to follow to determine how to accomplish this task. Let us try to discover and make something.

Key points to rewrite to increase the traffic on your website:

The significant part is how to magnetize the audience by content rewriting.

  1. Understand your audience:

Half of your task has been accomplished after choosing the targeted audience. Now, it’s solely your responsibility to create such content that will assist your business reach new heights. The content rewriter should dive in the depth to dig out the meticulous information that needs to be added in your content while rewriting.

Comprehending the market is a pivotal aspect before stepping in the procedure of rewriting. If your target audience comprises of the teenagers or the young generation, then the content should be amusing and filled with interesting terms. The slangs are the auxiliary elements that can be included. Else, if your target audience is the real estate buyers, then the tone should be professional and reliable.

Study your niche market, go with the audience’s taste and you will be in the beneficial zone.

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  1. Pick the irresistible and great topic:

The topic is one of the most important elements of the content. Make sure that your headline should be compelling and catchy enough to grab the attention of the readers. If your headline is not attractive, even your most comprehensive blog will leave unread.

Perform the thorough research and discover the curiosity-driven headlines. It is great that your page ranks in the search engine result page and if it is at the higher position, would it be clicked?

You have been attentive about your title also. Be specific and clear about your subject that the readers have the idea about the content just by reading the topic. So, think carefully about your title before you hit “publish”. Plus, it should be unique and great to read.

  1. Decide the words to be written:

The number of words also plays an imperative role in the content. Usually, the readers have dived into the content if the topic and the beginning are appealing to seize the attention of the readers within just a glance. And, the words are the auxiliary components to be taken into account. Words ranging between 500-1000 are customarily appreciated by the customers. The words may involve the slangs or the quotes or the popular sayings. They are the effective constituents in the content that peculiarly attract the audience.

Don’t replicate the original content. Extract the idea or perception from it, but don’t try to copy the whole thing. It may also apply even in the case of the number of the words too.

  1. Self-generate the new ideas:

Before writing the content, fore mostly, conceptualize an idea about what you are going to write. Make a framework or outline in your mind, think about the key points, note them down somewhere and then with overall preparation, dive into the ocean of rewriting.

Haul out the ideas from the blog, but always employ in the procedure of discovering new and authentic factors.

You can also take help of the comments. The comments are the facile and profuse medium to have an idea about the blog content. Begin with some precise points and then elaborate them is the good way to bind the customers with the content.

Self-analyzation is the required and indispensable parameter before writing.

  1. Rewrite the introductory paragraph:

The new treatment of the topic renders a new appeal to the article. The introduction is very important for anything. Either it is the content of the blog or the home page of any website or to open up a new firm, etc.

It is actually the introduction after the topic, which decides whether the reader will read your entire content. The beginning should be so enticing that the readers will bind to read the entire post. Rewriting the first paragraph of the article based on the new thought allures the readers read the whole story.

You can start your first paragraph by either:

  1. Any captivating slang
  2. Quotes by the famous author
  • Some popular latest illustration
  1. History or any track record
  2. Simply by a paragraph

All rely on the subject on which you are going to write the content.

  1. Be direct to the point:

It is great to have any base or fulcrum to have the ideas about any subject to write. However, still, you need to ponder many significant and vital aspects. If you write content online, then it is very crucial to know how to write succinctly and clearly. More the article is clear; more the users are attracted towards the content.

You can begin by writing a 500 word article that talks more about your products and services. Rewrite that article, but this time with 300 words without affecting its quality. If you will acquire good, then try writing 200 words and more to test your writing skill. This is an art that requires regular practice.

You will be surprised at how fast you can change to writing brief articles that still remain informative, professional and attention-grabbing.


  1. Add new keywords:

Keywords are the beacons to attract the search engine spiders. Instead of using altogether new keywords, you can search for the complimentary or the long tail keywords in your article. Such treatment will add a fresh dimension to the article and get your visitors searching for the keywords.

Keywords are just like the recognition of the website or the web page. Normally, the users enter the search query in the search bar and the list of results is shown on the search engine result page. The results are dependent on the search term. So, it is essential to add the keywords in the content.

The search engine identifies any website services by the keywords. So, they also play a pivotal role in deciding the number of the visitors towards the website. If the seeker finds your website in the highest positions in the search engine result page, then it would be clicked.

The keywords should be placed in the title, first and last paragraph and throughout the article, wherever necessary.

  1. Add new links:

Inserting the relevant hyperlinks within the article adds value and information to the readers. Add these links in the content wherever necessary. But, make sure that the links are directed to the authorized and high ranking websites so that the users and search bots find your article and index it.

The links also play the key role in the content. You can give the hyperlinks to the websites that are informative and instructional. Though, links prove unnecessary at some instance, but can be a strong ranking signal if it points to the relevant and certified websites.

  1. Introduce a call to action early:

Manage your content in a way that keeps the readers engaged and perform tasks, such as buying your products or service, turn up your events and like your page on Facebook, else you are surrounded by the queries like your content is compelling enough, then why not the visitors click on your link, what are the cons, etc.

Don’t add your link at the beginning. Build up your momentum first. And, then creatively tell the readers that a link is below, which when clicked, would take them to the perfect place for the accurate answers and solutions.

This way, when readers read down, they would recall what you had told them above and click. And, ultimately you will acquire what you cherish, i.e., traffic.

  1. Add images or video, if required:

An individual remembers more what he sees or visualizes rather than he reads. An image speaks the hundred words. Yes, it is true. The image has the power to attract the visitors more because it is quite enthralling to be a part of a video or image rather than to read the content and getting bored.

So, it is a good thought to include the images or videos in your content. Always add them if your content screams to do that.

  1. Seek help from the third party, if required:

Don’t get confused from the word “third party”. Third party, here, implies to be the tools to check your plagiarism and grammatical and spelling errors, if any.

While on the subject, two heads are better than one. It is very customary that the second person might catch the mistakes or errors in the content, but not you. Don’t afraid to adopt this step. It will significantly improve your art of writing.

  1. Submit the polished content:

With all the components accumulate and add together, ready to click on the button- “submit”. Considering each parameter vigilantly and cautiously will give you an impactful and inevitable content and eventually increase the number of the visitors on your post.

In the nutshell

Always write your own writings while considering the ideas from the content, be updated with the prevailing milieu and by acknowledging the all the above parameters. But, don’t forget to audit your content at the final stage. Scribble your perceptions about the specific topic on the paper and get applauded.

Rewriting is a part of the game. Research, rewrite and submit are the three imperative steps in the process of rewriting. Simply, improve the ability of the content to provide value to the readers and value to the search engines.

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