People Follow Brands on Social Media

Content Marketing Facts: 5 Reasons Why People Follow Brands on Social Media

The social media users have found a new kind of posts in their feeds in recent years and it’s from brands, which advertise, entertains and capture the user’s brand loyalty along with their purchasing power.

Brands have realized that social media provide them a lot of opportunities to market their products or services directly in their potential customer’s feeds.

According to a done by Forbes, it was observed that around 78% of the customers rely on companies’ social media handles to make the final purchasing decision.

These days, it is normal for a customer to combine the social sharing with shopping research on a single platform.

With social media being more prevalent and crucial in making marketing strategies, it is essential for the marketers to understand the various reasons that compel people to follow, engage, interact, and shop from social media.

Content Marketing Facts:

So here are the key factors why people follow brands on social media:

  1. Promotions and Discounts

It is a universal fact that customer always prefers products or services which are value for money, which means getting more by paying less.

Though it may not be the sole reason, people choose to follow a brand to stay updated with the news about sales, offers, discounts, and promotions.

Many brands have taken advantage of this to build a loyal customer base by encouraging them to connect on social media for latest deals and offers.

  1. Latest Product Information

Social media has evolved a lot since its inception. Now it is not just a medium to connect with people, but also a rich source of news updates.

People follow a particular brand on social media to get the latest updates from that brand in terms of launch or introduction of any new product, service or feature.

For example, if someone is interested in mobile phones, they will follow the brands like Apple and Samsung to get the latest news about product developments, new features, and launching date.

  1. Fast Customer Service

It is observed that more and more customers are turning to social media for customer support.

People treat social media as a more convenient and instant way to reach to a brand for expressing concerns and receiving support.

For brands, it is an opportunity to have better engagement with the customer, and if they can provide a positive customer support experience, it will help them build a loyal customer who is going to recommend your brand to others.

  1. Lifestyle Content

These days, customers are likely to show interest in the brands who don’t just offer a product or service but represent a lifestyle.

People get influenced by the lifestyle a brand represents, and they follow the brand on social media to get more content on the lifestyle.

For example, a famous brand that is into sportswear and accessories doesn’t just promote products and share product information, they also post a lot about sports and fitness, keeping people enticed to the topics and lifestyle that the brand represents.

  1. Ease of giving Feedback

Customers like to be heard. They feel important if a company/brand respond to their suggestions and feedbacks.

More and more customers are diverting to social media to engage with the brands and share their reviews and feedback regarding the products and services.

Brands that proactively respond to the opinions of the customers, showing the customers that their feedback matters, can bring a positive effect on the customer loyalty.


The above mentioned are just a few basic reasons that people think of before following a brand on social media. The truth is different people have different reasons to follow different brands.

It is beneficial for the marketers to understand what drives the customer engagement with brands on social media.

Once brands start receiving more engagement from customers on social media, they can inspire the customers to become the marketers themselves by spreading the word of mouth.

Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a Mobile App Development Company in LA California US. He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

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