Why Consider App store optimization For Your Mobile App

It is now evident that there are more than 2.5 million mobile apps on various app stores across different platforms. Getting your mobile app discovered is one of the topmost issues that app developers face today. If you are in the mobile apps domain, you must remember to utilize numerous methods to effectively market your app. App Store Optimization or ASO continues to be one of the most overlooked technique of effective app marketing.

What actually is ASO?

App Store Optimization is a method of optimizing the mobile apps in order to rank them higher in the app store’s exploration results. It is clear to all of us that the more visible our app is in the search results the greater are the chances of it being used. Thus, increased visibility leads to more inward traffic and greater chances of the app being downloaded. This is the prime motive of an ASO. To direct more traffic towards your mobile app and so that it leads ultimately to more number of downloads. The ASO technique also requires a sound understanding of your intended customer base and also of the keywords that the potential customers use to find similar apps.  A good knowledge of the keyword choices which potential customers choose is a key component of any effective marketing plan. And a SEO expert or Digital Marketing expert can help to optimize an app for App Store.

Why is ASO significant?

A study by Forrester has revealed that more than 63% of apps are discovered by app store search. Obviously, search in the apps store is the most used method to discover and download new apps. Thus, significance of app search is truly great and one cannot simply do without it. The businesses that have not yet adopted the ASO technique are missing out on the main mode of discovery available to their app. Yet, most app developers are unaware of this. So, app store optimization could be your secret to better search results and eventually more traffic towards your app.

What is the procedure of ASO?

There can normally be two major factors which can affect a developer’s ASO. They are as below:

  • Title: The keyword positioned in the title should have the heaviest traffic. Try not to change your title too often for the sake of including keywords as it can be damaging for your app. As and when your app starts to rank higher in the search, the word would spread about your app and gain popularity.
  • Keywords: You should know which keywords are relevant and try to use them more often to improve the search rankings. It also helps to keep a track of your competitors on a weekly basis.

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So now, since you people are aware of the ASO concept, we would like to share some great tips about ASO which are as mentioned below:

  1. Always make good quality software. Poor software really does not stand a chance in today’s highly competitive world and can harm the image of your business significantly. So please make high standard software or don’t make at all.
  2. Use all possible keywords to your advantage as they are the ones which could make your apps rank higher in the app store search results.
  3. Use only correct keywords. A high volume of keywords do not help much rather it is the relevant keywords which direct traffic to your apps.
  4. All the images and rich media should be of rich quality. If these rich media and images are of poor quality then they surely disappoint your customers. Also, your images and media should be relevant to the type of app you intend to sell.
  5. Content is God. Always remember that your content must be of high quality, accurate and engaging and informative at the same time. Remember that high technical jargon and marketing buzzwords do not solve the purpose but getting straight to the point in a short and simple way does. Customer must not feel sluggish and lazy while reading the content.
  6. Reviews and feedback play a vital role in the overall rankings of your app. You must make sure that numerous positive reviews are available about your app.

Another important aspect of App Store Optimization is getting to know the material that feeds the conversion mechanism.  Mere knowing how many users have downloaded your app is not sufficient. What is actually needed is the number of people who actually use the app. Thus, there are some conversion factors which all app manufacturers should be aware about. These are as listed below:

  1. Explanation
  2. Reviews
  3. Media & Images
  4. Preview video

It is evident by now that the content and rich media play a significant role as ASO techniques and can’t be overlooked at all. Texts, videos and images should always be of great quality and relevant as well. Your digital content team should always be ready with a full library of digital assets that could be retrieved at any time. If there is any slightest activity taking place your analytics should be able to dictate what suggestion or action should be taken in response.

Is ASO an ongoing process?

Yes. As a general rule, ASO needs to be regularly checked and tweaked from time to time. It also requires a proper ASO and SEO Training to get success on app store results. Quite often, the best approach to ASO is nothing at all. As an aware app developer, you must track the rankings of your apps and that of your competitors’ also regularly. Since new apps are developed daily, the stream of reviews, ratings and downloads constantly change and can affect the search rankings. Thus, it is advised to keep updating your keywords to make them rank higher in the search results.

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