Instagram would be the best platform for Marketing when compared to the rest of Social Media. Visual content is essential for exhibiting your product and creating brand awareness. By posting engaging posts and Videos, you could get more potential customers. Best marketing strategies like being consistent and posting captivating content will gain you more engagement rate.         

Here are the 5 best ways to Improve your Conversion rate using Instagram marketing:


Enhancing the reputation of the Brand will improve your conversion. Having a Trustworthy Brand is vital to get more audiences and potential customers.

Connect With Influencers Of Your Niche

Getting Influencers of your Niche will help you in creating more Brand Awareness. Connect with the Influencers who are of your Niche and with a large following of their page so it would be useful for growing awareness for your Brand.

Who Are Your Influencers?

Influencers are those who have much credibility among the audience. Influencers are good at recommending the product to their audience and customers.

Why Should You Connect With Your Influencers?

There are many reasons that you should connect with the Influencers for developing your Business.

  • When you connect with the Influencers, you gain more Brand exposure.
  • You will be able to reach a new set of audiences.
  • The Building of trust and growing your Community becomes easier.
  • Potential Customers will recommend your Brand if you treat your Customers well.


About 24-32 Minutes is spent on viewing Instagram Stories by an individual who is using Instagram. Instagram Stories stays for about 24 hours and the number of viewers depends upon the post. If you are posting engaging content, then the views for your profile will also increase.

Create Stories that are related to your product and use all the features of Instagram to make your post look more attractive.


Using your Hashtags and making it viral will bring you more Followers and the user engagement rate also increases. Hashtags will represent your Brand and once your Brand is famous for encouraging your users to participate in posting their content. When your Hashtag is accessible, you could notice that the response rate would be more. 

Keep certain factors in mind while creating Hashtags for your Brands, whether they are catchy and interesting.

Make your audience recognize your Brand with the help of the Hashtags that you create. Creating Hashtag is just a point and consistent communication with your audience will help you expand your Business. Creating Hashtag will take much time and effort but once you have your Hashtag ready, then you could promote easily.


Editing of your pictures will be the essential step before uploading it on Instagram.

Choose A Filter

The First thing that you have to consider is the use of the Filters. We all would have done a trial of going through all the filters and then, at last, we settle for the one which we find the best suitable. Filters will change the look and feel of the photos.

Here are some of the Most used filters on Instagram by the users:

First, the important factor to be considered is to click a good picture. And then applying of filter will enhance the photos that you have clicked. Instagram has editing filters by default and you can take a look at all the filters that are available and use it for your posts.

Some of the most preferred filters of Instagram are:

The most used selfie filters by many Instagram users will be normal. It is surprising in recent times that even though Instagram has many in-built features and filters Instagram.


One of the most used Instagram features is a Normal Filter. Normal is not a filter still many of the Instagram users are preferring Normal after trying all the filters and finally they settle with regular filters.


Clarendon is the second most popular Filter that Brightens and cools down. Clarendon increases the saturation and contrast of the pictures. The best feature of Clarendon is it maintains the natural effects of the images and you could adjust the effects quickly.


Juno is the third most popular filter used by millions of people on Instagram. Juno is another filter which brightens and intensifies the colors of your pictures. Juno gives a more profound look for the images that you click on the streets and it enhances specific dark colors like red, yellow and orange. Juno helps in highlighting of the photos.


Lark is the most favorite filter for natural photographers since it is suitable for brightening of the photos with a transparent effect. Lark will be ideal for natural clicks. Use Lark Filter for Outdoor Photography and pictures. Lark Filter on instagram also reduces the flaws in the photos.


Gingham is one of the most popular and the best filter for selfies and ordinary pictures too. Gingham filter gives a vintage effect to the images. Give a yellowish tinge for dull photos and the pictures clicked on dark places. Gingham Filter gives still more exposure for brighter pictures. 


If you need too much brightness for your pictures, then especially Lo-Fi features would be the best. Lo-Fi is best used for clicking pictures of food. Lo-Fi is suitable for clicking nature and action photos. The lo-fi feature will also be able to fix the over bright images. Highlight features of this filter help to make it look more natural. 


Aden Filter gives a soft texture to your pictures and softens the image making it look more natural. Aden Filter provides a pastel with effect and makes the warm, bright colors look cooler. Aden is best suited for portraits and photos with lens flare.


Nashville filter is one of the coolest and most liked popular filters of Instagram. Nashville filter gives a mild pink tint for your pictures. Nashville brightens up the image giving it a new look. 


Mayfair Filter comes with a black border and a warm pink color for the background pictures. Mayfair works well with good evenly clicked pictures. Mayfair is best suited for natural photos. Choose Mayfair Filter for natural daylight pictures.


When you have a product and you are thinking of where to start for posting a short video about your Brand then read the below steps for creating a video.

1. Clear Goals Of Your Products

Before creating videos and posts for your products, you have to identify the goals like why you are posting. Be it for Creating Brand Awareness, Connecting with the Influencers of the same niche or too in-depth exhibition of your product and their features. Be clear with what output you will be needing.

Clear Goal helps you to post about your product and be consistent frequently. Consistency is the essential key factor for getting more user engagement.

2. Identify Your Potential Customers

Getting clear goals for your product will be the first important step and the second most significant step for Instagram Marketing is identifying your potential customers. You would be creating videos for your viewers and customers. Make your Customers interact with you, which would help grow your Business.

Only when you interact with your customers, you will be able to know the Insights of the User engagement rate. Replying to the Customers is one of the best strategies for Instagram Marketing. 


Getting more conversion for your Brand products is easy when you have engaging content. Using all the features of Instagram and creating attractive posts will improve the conversion with the help of many potential and loyal Customers. Monitor your Instagram Insights and upload your posts based on the interest of your Customers.

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