Social Media Marketing Hacks

Top 12 Social Media Marketing Hacks Your Business Needs in 2019

As we look back with a comparison, we find a transition in the strategies of social media. So, what we have noticed is proper planning is needed for an outcome of fruitful social media growth strategy. Before getting started let’s go through mostly asked questions: Who are the target audiences? What is the utilization of social media? Which social media…

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Dark Traffic

What Is Dark Traffic And How Can Marketers Take Advantage Of It

Browsers don’t always report the source of traffic accurately. A famous example of this glitch is the organic traffic drop websites encountered when iOS 6 was launched back in 2012. These websites, however, gained an equal amount of direct traffic. But was really direct traffic? Data driven marketing has enabled marketers to make smarter, more informed decisions that drive results.…

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SEO Mistakes

Top 10 SEO Mistakes and Solutions

SEO has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. To ensure high rankings and traffic, the website owners must keep up with the latest updates. Google algorithms like Panda and penguin are used to find poor quality content. The new machine learning technology like RankBrain is used to strengthen the main algorithm’s accuracy. Despite the changing SEO technologies and updates,…

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Digital Marketing

The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing – Guest Post

Nowadays, we can truly experience the impacts of this digital revolution. One of the numerous unquestionable facts of this revolution is the introduction of trend setting technologies. Technology has been turning into the focal hub and rapidly rethinking globalization. This isn’t limited just in the zone of nations. In any case, it involves hierarchical networks, factories, organizations, schools, clubs, and…

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essential seo elements

Essential SEO Elements that Dominate the Google Search Rankings!

Search Engine Optimization, the acronym for SEO, is the perfect tool that will ignite your website’s popularity on the online platform. Getting chunks of organic traffic to your website is what an SEO is all about. This justifies the need to hire SEO expert who knows the ins and outs of the search engine rankings and accordingly takes steps to…

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Write Landing Pages

How to Write Landing Pages that Also Rank on Search Engines

In digital marketing, a landing page is a single web page that serves as an entry point to the website. It is often used exclusively for the purpose of marketing or selling products online. Before you can improve your landing page, you need to be clear on what your objective is. A landing page can be SEO focused or conversion…

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Website's Conversion Rates

Explore How To Enhance Your Website’s Conversion Rates!

Attractive website design is essential, but you cannot miss the sight of what your website is actually for – to turn and convert web traffic into lead-form submissions, phone calls, physical-location visits, contact-form submissions and sales. Without such efforts, your business will not produce enough revenue. Usually, the more is the conversion rate of your website, higher the revenue your…

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Quality Backlinks for SEO

Get 500+ Quality Backlinks for SEO: The 6 Smart Ways

Backlinks are the highest ranking factor for the websites to get the organic traffic. Websites with quality backlinks are most preferable to Google. When Google crawler crawls your website, it particularly looks for your website’s backlinks, to know how pages are connected to each other. Search engines recognize backlinks as a strong signal of the authority of your website. If…

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Persuasion Architecture (In an digital marketing perspective)

This article comes to you as the second of the series of articles written by Chathura Wijekoon for the topic “Professional Digital Marketing” for introducing the psychological aspects of digital marketing. It is important to state herein that the contents of the article may coincide with the traditional marketing approaches though this paper is about digital marketing, because most of…

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SEO For Beginner

Best SEO Tactics you should try in 2019

As the New Year has begun, everything has revived from old to new. Many of the individuals adopt many new resolutions; some of them change their lifestyle, and much more. The New Year has brought many pioneer aspects and so as the market. Every single aspect has been transforming into digitized network. Scientists are still indulged in the technique of…

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