essential seo elements

Essential SEO Elements that Dominate the Google Search Rankings!

Search Engine Optimization, the acronym for SEO, is the perfect tool that will ignite your website’s popularity on the online platform. Getting chunks of organic traffic to your website is what an SEO is all about. This justifies the need to hire SEO expert who knows the ins and outs of the search engine rankings and accordingly takes steps to…

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Write Landing Pages

How to Write Landing Pages that Also Rank on Search Engines

In digital marketing, a landing page is a single web page that serves as an entry point to the website. It is often used exclusively for the purpose of marketing or selling products online. Before you can improve your landing page, you need to be clear on what your objective is. A landing page can be SEO focused or conversion…

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Website's Conversion Rates

Explore How To Enhance Your Website’s Conversion Rates!

Attractive website design is essential, but you cannot miss the sight of what your website is actually for – to turn and convert web traffic into lead-form submissions, phone calls, physical-location visits, contact-form submissions and sales. Without such efforts, your business will not produce enough revenue. Usually, the more is the conversion rate of your website, higher the revenue your…

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Quality Backlinks for SEO

Get 500+ Quality Backlinks for SEO: The 6 Smart Ways

Backlinks are the highest ranking factor for the websites to get the organic traffic. Websites with quality backlinks are most preferable to Google. When Google crawler crawls your website, it particularly looks for your website’s backlinks, to know how pages are connected to each other. Search engines recognize backlinks as a strong signal of the authority of your website. If…

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Persuasion Architecture (In an digital marketing perspective)

This article comes to you as the second of the series of articles written by Chathura Wijekoon for the topic “Professional Digital Marketing” for introducing the psychological aspects of digital marketing. It is important to state herein that the contents of the article may coincide with the traditional marketing approaches though this paper is about digital marketing, because most of…

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SEO For Beginner

Best SEO Tactics you should try in 2019

As the New Year has begun, everything has revived from old to new. Many of the individuals adopt many new resolutions; some of them change their lifestyle, and much more. The New Year has brought many pioneer aspects and so as the market. Every single aspect has been transforming into digitized network. Scientists are still indulged in the technique of…

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create your own Free Website

15 Awesome Tips on How to create your own Free Website

Create your own Free Website Wondering how to create your own free website? Wouldn’t it be great if we had answer to that, turns out the answer to this question is way easier than one might think. To create your own website free of cost is not an unachievable dream anymore, it is very much the reality today. With services…

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Psychological Aspects of Professional Digital Marketing

The relationship in between psychology and marketing is very strong and complicated than we feel it as consumers. But when it is observed with a deeper understanding of psychological behavior of the human being, it is very clear that there are some common factors to be followed for gaining the best results in the subjects of marketing and sales. When…

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Keyword Research Tools

5 Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2019

Keyword research is critical in content creation. Creating great content is essential to raise your site’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus, you must find and use the right search terms to boost site traffic, gain clicks, and gain new audiences.  There are keyword research tools for SEO you can use to achieve all of these. A digital…

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NoIndex vs Canonical – Which is More Advantageous and Why

Terms like NoIndex, NoFollow, Canonical, and Disallow are pretty common when it comes to search engine optimization. But at times, it becomes difficult to decide which tag, attribute and command to use and why? We are here going to compare NoIndex and Canonical as there is a lot of confusion regarding them. Which to use, what is preferred by Google…

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